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Reference Books

UPSC prelims have become lot tougher and demanding. UPSC is unsettling the set pattern of preparation. Prelims was the proof with lot questions from Current affairs and less questions from conventional static part. But one cannot and in my humble opinion should not guess the paper rather than change his strategy and approach which in any kind of paper will help to clear the prelims.
So every aspirant has to be strong in both static part and current affairs part, and above all equal importance. so choose one book per subject and read it thoroughly, revise as much as possible, Read News papers + 1 year of current affairs and practise any prelims test you can get. One more important thing start writing, take it as a feedback mechanism and learning process, gently nudging you to the important topic which you know or dont know, you get a chance to learn and improve up on questions. Read selectively, revise,write, revise. India year book 2018 Economic survey


Laxmikanth is the only book you will ever need, read it at-least 2-3 times before prelims.
Economy Sri Ram Economy Xerox or Ramesh Singh economy. Read Economic survey 1st and 2nd chapters and chapters on HDI and Environment, for summary you can read Mrunal.


  • Ancient-Medieval-Modern-Culture.
  • Focus more on Modern and Culture.
  • Focus more on Modern and Culture.
  • Bipan Chandra India struggle for Independence.
  • or Modern India by Rajiv Ahir spectrum publication.
  • Nitin Shinghania for culture.
  • Tamilnadu class 11 (Ancient + Medieval India).


11th and 12th NCERT books and G. C. Leong A good atlas – Oxford Atlas Orient Blackswan Atlas

Class 8th, 9th, and 10th PHYSICS Chemistry Biology, Ncert Environment and Biodiversity: Shankar IAS academy notes and MoEF for laws and acts will cover every thing.
Arihanth CSAT guide is a good place to START.
Current Affairs
Hindu + Indian Express Vision IAS Material All India radio Spotlight analysis

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